Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Löve Family Stories

It all started a few months ago, maybe early this year, when I wrote a short story for a memoir class at the local senior center. The story was about my grandparents and the lighthouse in northern Iceland. I didn't get all the facts right, and two cousins told me the stories as they knew them, apparently far more correct than the one I'd been told many years ago.

I remembered my uncle showing me a recent aerial photo of the light house complex at Hornbjarg. I don't have a copy of that one, yet. Thora, one of my many cousins in Iceland, had sent me some others from a trip that she'd taken to the lighthouse. And that's where the adventures started. And the photo uploading. Some are on Flickr, some on Picasa. Maybe if I can figure out how, I'll add the links here.

How did I happen to start this? Well, my father took some of the earliest photos of the lighthouse where he and his family lived: His father, Carol Sophus Löve, his mother, Thóra Jónsdóttir, and he and his brothers and baby sister: Áskell, Guðmundur, Þráinn, Leó, Jón, Jakob and Sigríður. They lived at the lighthouse from 1930 to 1932, and my granfather was the first keeper at that lighthouse.